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Date: Monday, December 31, 2001 at 18:49:51
Current Report:
Winter Steelhead Fishing Reports & River Height & Flows Hello: I hope you have a very happy New Year. Fished the Smith the last two days it was slow on the first day hooked a few half pounders there was a lot of people out fishing. Yesterday on the Smith at dark 7am the parking lot had 15 empty boat trailers I knew that all these boats would be in front of me. As we got ready to go more boats arrived to fish we left. Started down from the forks. We had a Steelhead on the first cast. Worked the forks and let seven more boats pass, then there was no one behind us. We fished are way down river, side drifting bait. I saw some water that looked good for plugs so we started them down river worked the plugs for about 15 min. then the inside rod went down and in just a second the out side rod went down doubles FISH ON. I had to pull to the middle of the river to avoid some rocks shoot down the rapids to some quite water to land the fish. The fish got the lines twisted up 4 times we were able to land both of them a 12 lb. and 9lb hens. After all that we took some photos and a break to calm down every ones heart was pounding. We hooked one more fish that after noon but it came off. We saw only two boats after we left the forks all day that makes for an enjoyable day of fishing. That after noon it started to rain the next morning the Smith came up 2.5 Feet it was at 12.23 at 8 am at 6:30 PM it is. The Smith River is at 11.50 Feet and dropping the flow is 8,419 CFS. The Chetco River is at 6.24 Feet and dropping and the flow is at 3,970 CFS. I have open days throw the season it is time to be fishing. Call me at (541) 698-7029 or E: Mail at DriftBoatDave@ HotMail.Com

Date: Saturday, December 29, 2001 at 04:59:23
Current Report:
Hello: I hope you have a very happy holiday season. Fished the Smith yesterday it was ok, there was a lot of people out fishing. We hooked a couple of half pounders The rain last night raised the river 4 inches and moved the fish We fished the Smith River in the morning and did a drift down the Chetco River in the after noon. We got some bits but no solid hooks up's. The Smith River is at 9.64 Feet and dropping the flow is 4,539 CFS. The Chetco River is at 5.52 Feet and dropping and the flow is at 3,080 CFS. The weather looks good with showers. I have open days throw the season it is time to be fishing. Call me at (541) 698-7029 or E: Mail at DriftBoatDave@ HotMail.Com

Date: Friday, December 28, 2001 at 05:22:07
Current Report:
Hello: I hope you have a very happy holiday season. Fished the Smith yesterday it was good, there was a lot of people out fishing. We hooked about 5 and landed 2 adults and a couple of half pounders. The Smith River is at 10.86 Feet and dropping the flow is 5,869 CFS. The Chetco River is at 5.89 Feet and dropping and the flow is at 3,140 CFS. The weather looks good with showers. I have open days throw the season it is time to be fishing. Call me at (541) 698-7029 or E: Mail at DriftBoatDave@ HotMail.Com

Date: Tuesday, December 25, 2001 at 08:07:15
Current Report:
Hello: This is Christmas day. I hope you have a very happy holiday season. The Smith River is at 10.32 Feet and dropping the flow is 5,809 CFS. The Chetco River is at 5.49 Feet and dropping and the flow is at 3,040 CFS. The weather looks good with showers up until January 6 Th, or 7 Th then rain for several days. I have open days throw the season it is time to be fishing. Call me at (541) 698-7029 or E: Mail at DriftBoatDave@ HotMail.Com

Date: Thursday, December 20, 2001 at 08:16:07
Current Report:
Hello. Happy Holidays. The weather looks great today sunny the skies are blue and right now. This is the north coast the weather changes fast. The Smith River at the upper gage is reading 12.74 Feet and dropping with a flow of 11,730 CFS. The Smith River will start fishing well now get hear. The Chetco River is at 8.29 Feet with a flow of 7,350 CFS. The Chetco will fish Saturday and watch starting next week lot of Steelhead. There are a few showers in today's forecast and Friday is to be mostly sunny. Will are looking at interring the New Year with good weather. The weather rain pattern slows down after Sunday. I have a few days open to the end of the month.

Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 at 07:35:59
Current Report:
Hello: Happy Holidays to all and a Mary Christmas. The Rivers came up from Sundays rain, on Monday we saw Sun all day. In 24 hours the Smith River dropped 4 Feet it is now at 12.62 Feet and the flow is 11,380 CFS. The Smith River fishes in one to two days after a big rain. The Chetco River is dropping fast also it is at 8.47 Feet and the flow is 7,710 CFS. The Smith River is clearing faster than any River that I have seen and has the best run of winter Steelhead in California and the biggest the States record.

Date: Monday, December 17, 2001 at 08:34:34
Current Report:
Hello: Happy Holidays No I didn't fish on Sunday. I was out doing my homework. Looking at the rivers the Smith River was a nice color of green. The river was a little pushy still but looked good. The Chetco River was close to turning green but not yet. The showers turned to rain last night about 2 inches. The Smith River this morning is at 16.31 Feet at the upper gage that is a raise of 5 Feet from yesterday and the flow is 23,520 CFS. The Chetco River is at 11.71 Feet and the flow is 16,500 CFS. The Rivers will drop fast it looks clear out side and this should bring in some new fish. I am filling my calendar throw march for steelhead. Booking a trip soon is important to get the dates you want. Good Fishing David PS I did watch the 49ers play looking good.

Date: Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 08:39:29
Current Report:
Hello I was out fishing on Tuesday 12 -11 -01,I was doing my home work and heard that there is a lot of bait stealers in the Smith River so I went north to the Chetco River. Fishing the Chetco River saw only one boat all day. Looking for Salmon didn't hook any we were fishing for Steelhead as we drifted down river. Hooked 6 and only landed 2 the biggest a 12 # buck both Wild they were released. Fished again the next day Wednesday with one client fishing on the Chetco River. We went after Steelhead only hooked 2 and landed 1 a hatchery buck about 14#'s. Then I heard that Oregon's Dept. of Fish & Game was netting Steelhead down river for the hatchery early that morning. There is no hatchery on the Chetco but it is stocked with fish that is caught on the Chetco River and brought to Elk River hatchery and raised for the Chetco River and released back hear. Wednesday night we had heavy rain and the rivers were unfishable I cancelled my next two trips. The Smith River pecked at 1:00 AM on Friday the height was 19.56 Feet and was flowing at 37'800 CFS. The Smith River this morning Sunday 12 - 16 - 01 is at 11.74 Feet and the flow is at 9014 CFS. We are expecting showers for the next three days. The Chetco River at 1:00 AM Friday was 13 Feet the flow was at 20,000 CFS. The Chetco River is at 7.21 feet and the CFS is 5490 this morning.

Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 at 08:43:58
Current Report:
Hi Sunday's trip on the Chetco was canceled the fishermen started home early. I fished the Chetco on Tuesday found two Salmon they were on the small size but they were fresh. I will be fishing in a couple of day's. I am going on vacation next week fishing of course. Stay tuned. Good fishing David

Date: Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 05:07:03
Current Report:
Hello I am back; had a good Thanks Giving. Fished Wednesday 21 we fished on the Sixes River Oregon hooked three landed one about 18 #. That night it rained about 2.5 inches Thursday the river was high. The Smith River fished on Friday; there were a lot of leaves coming down river. We landed one Salmon it was a buck over 40 # and chrome bright. Fished the Smith River on Saturday, there was a lot of boats on the river. The fishing was tuff no fish. Going to fish the Chetco River today it has been raining last night but the river should fish I am hopping that the boats stay on the Smith River. The amount of boats on weekends is very high, if you can fish in the middle of the week; it is better time to fish.

Date: Monday, November 19, 2001 at 09:14:44
Current Report:
Hello, I call from me list to come fishing. Those you come went home very happy; this weekend was good fishing. It is raining today and if you want to fish Salmon come up. On Friday I call it off it rained three inches the night before Smith the Chetco were high and muddy. We fished on Saturday, the sun was out all day we had eight hits, four on plugs and four on bait landed five salmon four over thirty pounds, and one hatchery Steelhead back bouncing bait. On Sunday we fished on the Sixes River in Oregon it is only 64 miles north of me. We started on plugs, hooked one and changed to bait. We landed four adults and five jacks we had good time fishing. I still have six days open this month, give me a call to go fishing.

Date: Thursday, November 15, 2001 at 06:59:41
Current Report:
Hi there, the rain showed up this week. The fishing on the smith is good on Tuesday boated three fish to 39#, the fish looked dark. I noticed that the fish had SEA LICE on it by the ventral fin this tells me that this fish was swimming in and out of the river to the ocean for some time but they stay in good shape. It rained some more the Smith River come up and is dropping in to good shape fished Wednesday on the smith late. Wednesday morning we went to the Chetco River and drove all the way up to see that the river was blown out. The Chetco should fish by Thursday and if we get more maybe and Friday. This is a good time to be coming up to fish salmon; the rivers will stay fishable with more rain in the forecast.

Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 at 07:24:21
Current Report:
Hi there this is Tuesday, and it is raining, this is the start of the fall salmon run and all the rivers are open that I fish. The bookings are coming in, call soon for chance to fish this year. We fished on the Smith River on Saturday using two boats we landed seven king salmon. There were over sixty boats on the lower river the upper river was closed. We fished on the Smith River on Sunday there was a lot less boats. The weather front was coming in and by afternoon it was raining. We had several hits landed two king salmon and a cutthroat trout about seventeen inches.

Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2001 at 21:26:05
Current Report:
Hello I fished on the Smith River on Sunday Nov 4, and Monday the 5, The river was low; we fished the lower river and landed four king salmon. On Monday we fished in the same location in the lower river. We hooked seventeen salmon landed eleven and the big king salmon weight 39#. I wish I could show you a photo of this fish now. I would like to say it was a lot of fun. The Smith River is now closed until we get more rain. Only part that is open is from Rowdy Creek down to the mouth. It will be a couple of day before my next report. Good Fishing

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2001 at 20:20:00
Current Report:
Hi we got some rain this week; it rained about 3.5 inches. The salmon started to move in the system. I fished the Chetco on Thursday it was ok hook two and landed them, the big fish was about 18#, s. I fished the Smith River on Friday; the river drooped about a foot. So I fished low and landed two fish one was chrome hen about 14#, s the other a buck about 17#, s. On Saturday the water level dropped to low to drift down, so we fished the lower river. We found the fish today; we used bobbers and bait. We hooked seven king salmon and landed six. The big fish of the day was 32#, s. It was a lot of fun to watch the bobber and then it is gone. (Set the hook and reel) I am going tomorrow and do it again. I will talk to you again soon. Good Fishing

Date: Monday, October 29, 2001 at 10:22:59
Current Report:
I have been fishing and now telling you about my passed week. Wednesday we fished on the Rogue River Bay it was slow the Silvers moved Up River. The Chetco River was dropping and the kings are holding in the lower river on Thursday we hooked five salmon the biggest salmon on was about 45# it broke off we landed three kept 2 fish about 27# 28# chrome bright. The Chetco on Friday was starting to slow down we hooked two kept one it was a bright 30 #ER it had to have come in at the high tide. The Chetco on Saturday was slow for us but it was a halfday trip no salmon caught by us, the weather was changing and slowed the bite, it started to rain. The weather is unstable and if it rains four inches the Salmon will come in by the hundreds. On the first of November bait fishing starts on the Smith River but at this time only the lower river is open. We need the rain. If you want a chance to fight a large King Salmon you need to fish the north coast this year.

Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 at 09:49:36
Current Report:
The Klamath River. I was fishing on the Klamath River in the area of hornbrook Cal. The salmon fishing was hot we hooked a lot of fish and landed 10 or 12 I lost count. We also landed 3 steelhead and that was on Saturday. There was a fishing derby on the Klamath both days this weekends so there were a lot of boats. I must say that every body was using very Good River eidetic. The fishing on Sunday started off slower, I notice that it was a little colder; when the sun hit the water the fish bite better. We landed 7 fish on Sunday the biggest was about 28 # buck. We were using rods made by ROGUE RODS that are sponsoring me. We fished using little tackle the battle is a lot more fun that way and not so one sided. When we hooked up the rod was bent for as long as twenty minutes it was a good tug of war the way fishing should be. I heard a guide that I know say to me that using those rods is like going to a gun fight and bring a knife. I am promoting fishing using little tackle. I have a large assortment of ROGUE RODS I will fish a river like the Smith River with the rods that will land the Salmon that we are expecting this year. The rain fell Monday here in Smith River but we need more. I have heard that there was some nice big salmon landed this weekend that are over forty pounds in the smith river and the Chetco River in Oregon the rivers are about ten miles apart. I guide in both states.

Date: Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 03:35:05
Current Report:
The Rogue River : The slivers are on the bite using spinnerbaits. We hooked four today landed three and the fourth we played tug of war with a sea lion 'she won '. The sizes of the three that we landed were 16# 13# 12#. Very Top quality fish with sea lice present fresh from the ocean. Good Fishing David

Date: Monday, October 15, 2001 at 18:18:54
Current Report:
The Rogue River : The fishing is still on for Silvers, we hooked four. Of that, one was wild and lost two others and landed a nice hatchery king salmon.


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